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As parents we want to protect our kids and advise them on what they need to look out for and what they should avoid doing.  But, when it comes to the digital world, most parents today find that advising on internet safety for kids is almost impossible because the kids know more about Instagram, Snapchat,, Twitter, smartphones and game consoles than they do.

On this site you will find lots of free digital parenting guides  providing detailed advice on cyber safety for kids covering the key dangers and risks they face.  There are also guides on the main social media networks and apps they are using.   These free guides will give you a good understanding of the issues and what you can do to advise and protect your child. We  hope you find them useful.

Understanding  what you should do as a parent is only the first part of the solution.  The second part is “How To” do it. Because it can seem so confusing for many parents,  we offer training workshops and  1:1 support to help with this.

We also provide you with ideas for positive ways that your child can use technology such as


Parenting is difficult if your kids know more than you.

We can help you get back in control

70% of teens hide online activities
(Source: Mcafee)