Digital Parenting Academy – Online Courses

We also offer online courses at The Digital Parenting Academy where you can access step by step video lessons which show you what to do and how to do it.

You can access your course on any device. Learn at your own pace when it suits you. Simply click on the images below to go directly to the courses on

Block adult content designed 3How to block explicit adult content

  • How to install a free wifi filter to block all adult content on every internet device in your home including PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, ipod, DSi, Xbox.
  • How to set up “Safe search” on Google, Bing and Yahoo! to prevent adult search results, especially adult image search results.
  • How to set up “Safe search” on YouTube.
  • How to set up restrictions on Apple devices to exclude access to adult sites and apps.
  • How to set up restrictions on Android devices.
  • How to install parental controls on your child’s mobile.
  • How to block adult search results (Google) on mobile.


How to use Snapchat as a parentSnapchat designed 2

  • How to download the app
  • How to use it.
  • How teens use it
  • What specific advice you should give your child in terms of changing his / her settings
  • How to deal with cyber bullying, stranger danger and managing their online reputation.
  • How to make your child’s account private
  • How to block someone who is bullying or aggravating your child.





Instagram designed 2How to use Instagram as a parent

  • How to setup an Instagram account
  • How to find and connect with friends
  • How to take a photo / video and add filters
  • How to post an update to friends
  • How to make your child’s account private
  • How to block a user from following your child.
  • How your child can “untag” themselves from photos they are tagged in
  • How to check who is following your child on Instagram
  • How to check who your child is following and what they are seeing