Training Workshop: How to restrict your child from accessing adult content online and on mobiles.

Course Format:

This is available as a workshop for up to 15 people. In a workshop the participants interact with online social networks and apps.


2.5  hours


Course material

You will receive a soft copy of very detailed course notes (60 pages)



What you need to know

  1. How easy it is for your child to access adult content
  2. What dangers should you be aware of as a parent?
  3. What can you do to help protect your child?


What to do – Step By Step Instructions

Block access on your home PCs / laptops

  1. How to setup a free family shield to block access to adult content in your home by setting up a filter on your wifi.
  2. How to permanently block adult search results in Google.
  3. How to restrict access to adult content on Youtube.


Block access on mobiles and ipads

  1. How to set up restrictions on apple devices.
  2. How to set up restrictions on Android devices.
  3. How to install parental controls on your child’s mobile.
  4. How to install a safe browser on your child’s phone.
  5. How to block adult search results in Google on your child’s mobile.
  6. How to restrict access to adult content on Youtube on your child’s mobile.



Following the workshop parents will know what to do to help restrict their child accessing adult content as much as is possible.



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About The Trainer


Evan Mangan
Evan is a digital marketing lecturer and trainer and also delivers digital parenting workshops throughout Ireland.  He developed his digital media expertise in London where he was Head of European Marketing for Yahoo! Mobile, Head of Customer and New Media marketing at Orange and Head of Direct Marketing at BT.

He has extensive experience of digital marketing across web and mobile covering the Irish, UK and European markets

Evan is the founder of and you can view his Linkedin profile here.