Training Workshop: How to make your child’s mobile phone a safe device for a child to use

Are you concerned about what your child could be exposed to on her phone? In this workshop we will cover what you need to know to block explicit adult content and  allow access to only appropriate apps 


Course Format:

This is available as a workshop for up to 15 people. In a workshop the participants interact with online social networks and apps.



2.5 hours


Course material

You will receive a soft copy of very detailed course notes (60 pages)



  1. How to restrict access to explicit adult content on their phone.
  2. How to reduce their exposure to cyberbullying via text message and messaging apps.
  3. What social media networks and apps are unsuitable for them and why.
  4. How to restrict access to inappropriate apps.
  5. How you can reduce the risk of them becoming addicted to their phone.
  6. Example of a mobile phone agreement you can give your child which outlines rules about mobile phone use.



Following the course parents will have a step by step guide to reducing the risk of their child becoming exposed to explicit adult content, downloading inappropriate apps and  becoming addicted to his / her phone.



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About The Trainer


Evan Mangan
Evan is a digital marketing lecturer and trainer and also delivers digital parenting workshops throughout Ireland.  He developed his digital media expertise in London where he was Head of European Marketing for Yahoo! Mobile, Head of Customer and New Media marketing at Orange and Head of Direct Marketing at BT.

He has extensive experience of digital marketing across web and mobile covering the Irish, UK and European markets

Evan is the founder of and you can view his Linkedin profile here.