Digital Parenting Courses

If you are involved in a parents group or association we can deliver a Digital Parenting Programme (4 or 6 weeks) covering multiple topics or individual workshops covering single topics.


Programmes covering multiple topics

These programmes are designed to give parents a comprehensive understanding of the issues across multiple topics and the specific things they can do to advise and protect their child.


Digital Parenting Academy (6 weeks)

The ultimate guide to the main risks and dangers facing your child plus the apps and networks your kids are using. We cover Blocking adult content, Cyber bullying, Sexting, Technology addiction, Online grooming plus Smartphones, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter,, Vine and Facebook. View full details


Teen’s technology Bootcamp (4 weeks)  View full details

In just 4 weeks get up to speed on the apps, networks and smartphone your kids are using. We cover iphones, Android phones, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter,, Vine and Facebook.


Individual Workshops

These are individual 3 hour workshops on one specific topic


How to restrict your child from accessing adult content online and on mobiles. View full details

How to reduce your child’s exposure to being cyber bullied.   View full details

How to make your child’s mobile phone a safe device for a child to use   View full details


workshop-sidebar-picDuration: 3 hours
Location: We can deliver the course at your venue
Workshop: Up to 15 participants
Cost per course: tbc